What is DHT and how it causes androgenic alopecia

Commonly Used Hair Loss and Hair Terms

Need some help understanding the various different terms used in the hair loss industry? We understand. To help you in your endeavor we have put toget

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Drugs and Medication related hair loss

Hair Loss Treatment: Where to Start

Hair loss is something not to be taken for granted. While it is normal to lose a few hundred strands from time to time continually losing hair over a

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What is DHT and how it causes androgenic alopecia

DHT and Hair Loss

DHT is a term that comes up frequently when people discuss male pattern baldness. The purpose of this article is to explain what DHT is and how it cau

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FDA Approved hair loss treatment hairmax laser comb

Laser comb for hair loss – HairMax Review

How DHT Causes Hair Loss Laser comb therapy is used to treat hair loss in both men and women.  It is most commonly used to treat male and female patt

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Mesotherapy emerging treatment for hair loss

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss. Costs, Side Effects, & Effectiveness

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Some causes of hair loss include reduced blood circulation in the scalp, a lack of essential nutrients, and hormonal imbala

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Hair Loss and Vitamins for hair loss

Biotin Hair Loss Vitamin. Deficiency & Treatment

Biotin Defined Biotin is a Vitamin B complex that has been known to help men and women who suffer from hair loss stimulate new growth while enhancing

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