Understanding DHT and Hair Loss

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This Post was Contributed by our Guest Author: Haikal Rosli

It has become apparent that Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is the leading cause to hair loss, apart from genetically related problems. DHT that is present in the scalp chokes up hair follicles, causing it to wither and decay. In turn, the hair growing from the follicles gets thinner and even stops growing altogether.

– What is Dihydrotestosterone? –

Understanding DHT and the root of its production can help us carry out the necessary steps to counter this problem. Dihydrotestosterone is basically a hormone byproduct when excess testosterone and a type of enzyme in our body gets together.

This enzyme is known as the 5-Alpha Reductase or in short, 5-AR. The emitting of 5-AR enzyme can be triggered by several factors and a common one is stress.

– The Biological Function of DHT –

Ironically, we also need to understand that DHT isn’t entirely a bad thing. DHT in fact, plays an important role in the biological function of men. Such examples include prostate development and sexual drive.

Therefore, we need to pass up this misconception of getting rid of dihydrotestosterone entirely. What we want to achieve is a better regulation of it.

– DHT Due to Bad Lifestyle Habits –

Some of our lifestyle habits are to be blamed, as they’re the very cause to the hormonal changes in our body and excess DHT production.

Another example apart from stress is excessive drinking. High levels of alcohol consumption can hinder the efficiency of your liver in regulating sebum levels. Sebum, known as the oil secreted through skin pores, contains dihydrotestosterone and the presence of it on the scalp could do a direct damage on your hair.

While women does not require DHT and typically have smaller amounts in their system, bad lifestyle choices has unfortunately not spared women from the hair loss epidemic. The fact is that women these days have also set themselves up in raking up DHT levels.

– Regulating Dihydrotestosterone Naturally –

There are 2 main ways to block out excess dihydrotestosterone. One is in making positive tweaks into your lifestyle. Smoking, poor nutrition and sleep deprivation are some negative habits you want to change. They’re some of the biggest contributors to DHT.

Secondly, natural DHT blockers are something you want to include. Some of the most (effective dihydrotestosterone blockers)** used by most people includes saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, green tea and more.

To summarise, DHT is a factor you want to look at especially when you’re facing a hair loss problem at a very early age. The health industry is thriving but more people fall victim to major diseases. It always roots back to what we eat and what we do. Cultivating good lifestyle habits and getting in enough nutrition can certainly go a long way.

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