Common FAQs about Minoxidil

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There are products with 2% and 5% concentration, which ones is better?

The 2% works best for women and 5% work for men. 5% is the maximum limit of absorption.


Which is better, foam, spray or liquid?

 There is no difference between the foam and liquid that much. Many people find spray more convenient and mess free.


Are there any side effects?

None that you should worry about. Just that the alcohol in the spray might causes minor itching and dryness in the applied areas.


Do I have to use minoxidil twice a day?

This is recommended for men and for women once a day.


How do I know minoxidil will work for me?

Initially you will experience hair thinning. After which you will see lighter hair. With continuous use, your hair will begin to grow thicker and fuller. You need between 60-90 days to see if this will work for you or not.


Results vary person to person. Some showed progress in the first two months. Others after that and some never did. Visit for more information and products


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