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Hair loss is a disorder that is bound to happen to every individual at a point in their lives. It is very likely that is even the reason you are reading this article. It is not a species specific disease. In other words, both men and women suffer from it not to mention cats and dogs.

While hair loss in the male folks can still be somewhat bearable, hair loss in women particularly can be very embarrassing and demoralizing. After all, a woman’s hair is a vital part of her self image. As we speak, research has recently shown that less than one third of the women folk do not suffer from hair loss at any point in time in their lives. This means that at least two out of every three women suffer from the malady at a certain stage in hair lives.

Unlike the men, hair loss in women is not genetically induced. It is more as a result of stress, unhealthy diets, allergy, pregnancy, cancer, chemotherapy, and hypothyroidism -known as thyroid hormone deficiency, infections and drugs. Luckily though, hair loss in women is more of a temporary thing. As a result, women tend to regrow their hair over a period of time.

Hair loss in women does not really result in balding unlike it does in the men. The hair just thins out and the hair shaft diameter reduces. So, if you are woman and are experiencing these, it is important that you know what the likely cause of the disorder is. This will help you avoid such situations and help you maintain your beautiful hair.

There are varied Reasons For Hair Loss in anybody. But we’ll examine just two of the factors causing hair loss in women:

Genetic Inheritance: Hair loss can be as a result of the fact that somewhere in your genes, you have got a gene that is programmed to incite hair loss at a certain stage in your life. Sometimes, people wonder why they are bald and their father was not. It is because the gene was recessive in him while it became dominant in them. Somewhere in the lineage, someone must have been bald. Hair loss as a result of genetic inheritance is referred to as Androgenetic alopecia and is likely to begin sometime after an individual attains puberty. The rate of hair loss increases until about the age of forty or menopause.

Pregnancy: When a woman becomes pregnant, she produces more estrogen which causes an increase in the frequency of the hair growth cycle. This is however remedied when the pregnancy phase is over as the hormonal balance in the body is restored to its previous state.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, I hope you now realize that there is no need to panic as it usually doesn’t mean anything except that you are going through a phase in your life and it will normalize with time.

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