Primary Etiologies of Hair Loss

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Primary Etiologies of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a commonly encountered issue. It isn’t limited to a specific culture or race, but is rather a universal phenomenon. A mild level of hair loss isn’t usually that obnoxious of a problem, but excessive loss of hair may demand the right medical attention. There are different causes of hair and and various factors may contribute to hair loss. Let’s take a look at some of these in this article.


The heredity factors may play a serious role in hair loss. The most encountered one is androgenetic alopecia, which basically refers to a predisposition of hair baldness. Nevertheless, the real role of heredity in the condition of hair loss isn’t that simple. The genetic propensity, together with the prevalence of aging and androgen hormone plays a serious role in getting bald.

Major Illness

Certain illnesses, such as malaria and typhoid, may result in abundant loss of hair. If somebody undergoes chemotherapy, it also results in large amounts of hair loss. Aside from that, a surgical intervention can also be considered a major cause of hair loss.


Various medicine may lead to hair loss. However, in the majority of cases, they lead to temporary hair loss. When one stops taking those specific medications, the problem usually alleviated. Anticoagulants, chemotherapy, gout medicines, interferon, steroids and antidepressants are the drugs that are considered hair loss causes.

Psychological Factors

There’s no doubt that stress is a strong factor in hair loss promotion. Studies have revealed that if somebody isn’t experiencing any factors that contribute to loss of hair, but is going through major stress, he or she could observe hair loss. Essentially, the stress factor is related to 2 kinds of hair loss – Alopecia areata and Telogen effluvium.


Different kinds of fungal infections may be hair loss causes. Particularly in the younger population, it can be common to observe hair loss problems as a result of fungal infections of the scalp.

Internal Health Conditions

Certain diseases like diabetes or lupus may lead to hair loss. In such cases, the hair loss condition is regarded as one of the most early signs of the condition. Therefore, if you’re currently losing hair without apparent causes, it’s always recommended to not neglect it and immediately consult a health professional.

Improper Hair Care

The improper care of hair may also contribute to the hair loss. If you tend to pull the hair with those tight hair rollers or tie the wet hair, then you may certainly experience what’s called traction alopecia, which is a kind of hair loss.

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