Laser comb for hair loss – HairMax Review

How DHT Causes Hair Loss

Laser comb therapy is used to treat hair loss in both men and women.  It is most commonly used to treat male and female pattern baldness, whereby hair follicles deteriorate and shrink, leading to thinner, shorter, and finer hair formation through each hair cycle until hair formation ceases altogether.

Many scientists believe that dihydrotestosterone, or DHT plays a crucial role in genetic baldness. DHT is an androgen that targets genetically predisposed hair follicles in the scalp. DHT causes hair loss by attaching itself to hair receptors and by reducing the supply of blood to the hair follicles. As a result, the hair follicles are unable to properly absorb the essential nutrients required for normal and healthy hair formation. Moreover, excess amounts of DHT have been linked to scalp inflammation, which further exacerbates hair loss issues.

How Laser Comb Therapy Treats Hair Loss

Fortunately, there are laser comb apparatuses, such as the HairMax, that can slow down the hair loss process and stimulate the growth of new hair. The HairMax works by delivering precision based laser energy to the scalp using proprietary hair dividing teeth. It also augments the production of ATP in order for more energy to be transported to hair follicles, as well as augment blood flow to the scalp region.

The HairMax also reduces follicular inflammation, and helps remove malevolent hair loss waste products and DHT. In addition, the HairMax serves as an anagen inductor, by triggering the natural and healthy formation of hair, as well as invigorate weakened hair follicles using low level laser therapy- or LLLT. In other words, the safe, effective, and affordable hair loss medical device uses cutting edge laser photo therapy to stimulate hair growth in both men and women.

The HairMax Laser Comb only weighs about 1/3 of a typical hair dryer, and is cordless and easy to use.  The patented hair parting teeth in the device also allow for optimal delivery of the laser energy to reach the scalp, as hair is a photoprotectant. That is, hair naturally stick together to protect the scalp from harmful UV rays.

By parting the hairs, the laser light is able to precisely target hair follicles that would have otherwise been blocked by the hair on the scalp. Furthermore, there have been no reported side effects from using low level laser therapy, and the technology has been used in various products and devices for over 3 decades with no safety issues being reported.

Studies on the HairMax Laser Comb

FDA Approved hair loss treatment hairmax laser combFurthermore, studies have shown that when the device was used properly (e.g., 3 times per week) most users noticed positive results in as little as 3 months. Users also reported more vibrant and manageable hair, increased hair growth of existing hair, and newfound hair growth, as well as fuller and denser hair.  By revitalizing previously dormant hair follicles, the HairMax Laser Comb is able to reverse the hair thinning and hair degradation process.

Moreover, some users noticed an immediate improvement in their overall hair health after only one laser comb treatment. For instance, some users claimed that their hair felt livelier and more manageable, with an added sense of fullness and noticeable increases in lustre.

Hair shedding was also commonly reported, as the HairMax stimulated new hair formation, causing new healthy hair to push out resting hairs that would have fallen out on their own even without the use the laser technology. The end result is healthier, thicker, and stronger hair thanks to the state of the art photo-biostimulation technology found in the HairMax device.

Interestingly, the HairMax Laser Comb is the first medical device to be cleared for home usage by the FDA. It is also the only laser based hair growth treatment that has undergone six double blind, clinically based, and device controlled studies that prove its effectiveness in curbing hair loss. In fact, 4 of the studies were published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. For instance, an independent clinical study conducted in 2002 found a 78.9% improvement in tensile strength and a 93.5% increase in terms of overall hair count after using the HairMax.

In addition, an IRB study conducted in 2003 on the HairMax device found a 45% improvement in hair count as well as 84.2% success rate in terms of hair growth.

Hair Loss Shampoos Versus Laser Comb Therapy

There are also many hair loss shampoos currently on the market that are sometimes recommended as alternatives to laser comb therapy. For instance, the Regenepure Dr Hair Loss & Scalp Treatment Shampoo is a sulphate and parabens free shampoo that blocks the production of DHT,  and the ketoconazole found in the Regenepure shampoo not only blocks DHT but also contains many beneficial antifungal properties.

The saw palmetto extract in the shampoo also cleanses the scalp and nourishes hair from the root to the tip.  Moreover, the shampoo not only uses clinically proven hair growth ingredients but is also designed for people with different types of hair. Speak to your doctor to decide if a hair loss shampoo treatment is right for you, as well as if you can use a hair loss shampoo while also using a laser comb device, as using both may yield optimal hair growth results.


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