Preventing Hair Loss

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Various reasons can be cited for hair loss including mineral deficiency, medications, pollution, and wearing helmets. Hair loss can be prevented through methods such as hair care, eating for good hair, stress management, testing for thinning, and clinical treatment.

Hair Care

According to the opinion of cosmetologists, subjecting hair to frequent and constant heating procedures is not at all recommended. Minimizing the usage of hair dryers, hot curlers, and hair fasteners will make the hair last longer. As tight ponytails, tight braiding, corn rows and plaits may cause hair loss, it is necessary to take care of hair styles.

Eating for Good Hair

Hair loss can be slowed by eating a healthy diet filled with vegetables and fruits. Food items containing iron, protein, Vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc will help with preventing or minimizing hair loss. A person concerned about hair loss should avoid eating foodstuff that will inhibit hair growth such as low calorie liquid diets and raw egg white.

Stress Management

Stress damages all body parts including hair and stress management techniques for preventing hair loss are getting adequate sleep and exercising regularly. Adequate sleep is considered as the restorer of good health and regular exercising is as good as any other stress reduction method. Physical activity encourages better circulation to all body parts including scalp. If you are overdoing things, loss of hair can be one of the body’s primary signals.

Testing for Thinning

Tug test can be done to check whether an individual is suffering from hair loss or not. He/she should consider a doctor immediately if they are losing more hair than normal. Doctors used to perform thyroid test, hair deficiency test or skin biopsy to test hair thinning clinically.

How to Conduct Tug Test?

Take small bunch of hair (20-30 hairs) and hold it between thumb and index finger. Pull them firmly. If six or more hairs come out at the same time, then you may be experiencing hair loss problem.

Clinical Treatment

Minoxidil and finasteride are the well known medications for treating hair loss from a clinical perspective.  In both cases of Minoxidil and finasteride hair loss treatment solutions, it will take a year to see the results. As per reports published in prominent health magazines, egg oil is an excellent natural solution for hair fall prevention, dandruff treatment, scalp moisturizing and promotion of new hair growth. It has been pointed out that alopecia areata can be treated using steroid creams, corticosteroids, and PUVA (Psoralen Combined with Ultraviolet A).


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