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The Norwood Scale for Men

For men, the most widely used hair loss scale is known as the Norwood scale, invented by Dr. Norwood in 1975. The scale is broken up into 7 different levels of hair loss. For instance, the first level consists of a normal head of hair with absolutely no hair loss. In the second, gradual hair loss begins to form, forming a wedge shaped pattern. The third level is congruent to the second, except more pronounced receding is apparent in the temporal and frontal areas of the scalp. Moreover, the fourth level demonstrates even more drastic receding in the frontal and temporal areas, with a bald spot beginning to form at the posterior portion of the head. As for level 5, the same pattern of hair loss as level 4 can be seen, except reduced hair density is noticeable. As for the sixth level, the band of hair that served as a junction, or bridge, between the two sides of the head has completely dissipated. Finally, level 7 showcases marked hair loss that begins at the base of the head and continues along the sides of the head, above the ears.


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