Savin Hair Loss Scale for Women

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The Savin Scale for Women

There are many hair loss scales currently available to assess hair loss in men and women. For instance, a hair loss scale commonly used to assess hair loss in women is the Savin scale, which was developed in 1996 by Dr. Savin. The scale essentially consists of 9 computerized images that track the extent of hair loss. For instance, in the first image, no hair loss is apparent.  In images 2 to 4 hair thinning becomes apparent along the middle of the scalp, as the parting width becomes progressively wider. Furthermore, images 5 and 6 demonstrate diffuse hair thinning over the apex of the scalp, while image 7 showcases even more marked, diffuse hair loss; although some hair manages to remain intact. Moreover, in image 8, known as the “Advanced” image, hair loss is extensive, with barely any hair remaining in the alopecia area. Interestingly, the final image, known as the “Frontal” image, showcases hair loss at the center and the front of the hair division, instead of the roof of the scalp.

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