Vitamins for Hair Growth: Hairfinity Review

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There are several different vitamins on the market that claim to restore lost hair. Below, is a review of a hair growth vitamin that is a cut above the rest.

Hairfinity’s Patented Formula

Hairfinity is popular because it works well for people of all hair types. Each container houses 60 capsules, good enough for a one month supply. The product is designed to nourish your hair from the inside out and contains essential nutrients that are specially formulated to stimulate hair growth. By taking the product on a regular basis you can enjoy longer and stronger hair. In addition to containing a propriety blend of natural vitamins it also incorporates a patented CapilsanaTM complex.

Biotin, Silica, MSM, Pantothenic Acid, and Niacin

Hairfinity also contains biotin. Biotin helps promote hair growth and protects against dry hair. Hair cortex elasticity is also augmented by using the supplement, ensuring minimal hair breakage. What’s more, the silica in the product helps promote lustrous hair and the sulphur found in the MSM that Hairfinity contains are required by keratin and collagen in order for health hair growth formation. Furthermore, hair loss is reduced via the Pantothenic Acid, while the Niacin in the product stimulates healthy scalp circulation.

Healthy sebum formation in the scalp is also triggered via the Vitamin A in the hair growth supplement, and the Vitamin C helps promote both healthy skin and hair. People can also benefit from a fuller set of hair thanks to the vitamin D found in the formula that prevents hair from shedding.

In addition, the Vitamin B Complex helps nourish the scalp and maintain a health scalp environment, while the vitamin B12 found in each capsule helps transport adequate oxygen to the hair follicles and scalp and also helps in the generation of erythrocytes.

In sum, deficiencies in the aforementioned vitamins and vitamin complexes can lead to a host of health problems; including, but not limited to, hair loss, hair weakening around the hair structure, hair greying, and hair thinning.

Universally Positive Reviews

Reviews of the product have been almost universally positive, with most users giving the product a perfect 5 star rating. Furthermore, while the product is usually targeted towards women, both men and women can take the product, and patients are required to take two capsules daily.

The only downside to the product is that the capsules are relatively large. As such, people who have problems swallowing may have troubling swallowing the capsules. It is also recommended that you take the capsules with food to avoid indigestion, and the product is available in 1 month ($24.00), 2 month ($48.00), and 4 month supplies ($96.00).

Time to Action and Reported Side Effects

Most people who take the product will notice significant hair growth after taking the vitamin supplement for 2 months, with most patients reporting longer, fuller, stronger, and softer hair. Side effects also rarely occur, with the most commonly reported side effect being acne. With many celebrity endorsements and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, Hairfinity is one of the few vitamin supplements on the market that actually promotes hair growth with minimal side effects.


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