Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

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Coconut oil is considered a highly effective, safe, and natural treatment for people who suffer from hair loss. Here, we discuss coconut hair loss treatments that are more effective than many expensive and synthetic hair loss products on the market today.

All Natural with Anti-Fungal Properties

Coconut oil is all natural. As a result, it does not contain alcohol, silicone, or other noxious chemicals that can damage hair and aggravate sensitive skin. People who suffer from naturally dry hair, heat damaged hair, or over-processed hair will also benefit from coconut hair treatments. Yet another benefit is the anti-fungal properties that coconut oil contains. As a result, many dermatologists recommend coconut oil for people looking for a natural alternative to treat dandruff. It is also recommended that you use coconut oil one to four times per month for optimal results.

How Coconut Oil is Different From Other Natural Oils

Coconut oil is unique when compared to other oils because it prevents and repairs damage from the inside out by getting past the cuticle; instead of simply sitting on hair like other moisturizers and oils that cannot penetrate the hair shaft. The Vitamin E, Lauric Acid, and Capric Acid found in coconut oil also prevent protein loss, ensuring augmented hair strength, as well as improve hair lustre and help restructure hair. In other words, using coconut oil regularly as part of your hair maintenance routine will reduce breakage, increase manageability, and improve body shine.

How to Apply the Oil

Coconut oil is readily available in store across the nation, and will reduce hair shedding and improve hair thickness. To use the product properly you will need to massage a few tablespoons of coconut oil onto your damp and clean hair and scalp. People who suffer from overly greasy or thin hair may want to avoid massaging the coconut oil directly into the scalp, as the oil may weigh your hair down. You should use more oil on problem areas, such as where your hair is the most damaged and driest. For most people, the problem areas lie on the ends. The scalp and mid-shaft area are generally the healthiest for most people, so you should use less oil in those areas.

Putting in the Final Touches

If the coconut oil you purchased arrived in a solid state then you’ll need to liquefy it by gently warming it up. After you have applied the oil, allow it to marinate for 25 minutes. If your hair is especially porous or dry then you can let the oil sit for longer. You can even leave it in overnight if you wish and you can increase the effectiveness of the coconut oil treatment by wrapping your head in a hot towel and a shower cap. You can also hair dry your hair instead of using a fresh towel and shower cap. Furthermore, due to the heaviness of the oil, you will need to shampoo your hair thoroughly after the treatment is complete.


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