Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Hair Loss

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Evening Primrose Oil Hair Growth Benefits

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Hair LossThose considering using evening primrose oil for hair loss are in luck. Several studies have found that evening primrose oil contains ingredients that are conducive to hair growth.  Rich in fatty acids, primrose oil capsules consist of organic oils that are extracted from a yellow wildflower that blooms during the summer in Europe and North America. Furthermore, the hair growth properties of evening primrose oil are found in the gamma linoleic acids found in the oil. The Omega-6 fatty acid is essential for healthy human growth and development.

In addition to stimulating healthy skin and hair regeneration, evening primrose oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat scalp conditions caused by dandruff, yeast, and fungi. Rich in antioxidants, evening primrose oil also helps heal scalp damage as well as nourish the scalp with essential nutrients.

Evening Primrose other Benefits

In addition, evening primrose oil has many other health benefits, including helping treat eczema and psoriasis, as well as help promote healthy fingernails.

Evening Primrose Oil Treatments

Interestingly, evening primrose oil seems to be more effective in treating hair loss in women than men, as it is especially effective in treating hair loss brought on by menopause or pregnancy. Evening primrose oil is also highly effective in treating hair loss brought on by an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

As for administration, evening primrose oil can be applied directly to the scalp via a scalp massage, or can be ingested in its natural form. Evening primrose oils supplements are readily available in capsule or soft gel form in pharmacies, grocery stores, and online.

Some people also take 1000 mg capsules three times a day to promote natural hair growth, although you should speak to your doctor to help decide on the right dosage for you. Furthermore, primrose oil supplements should be taken daily, as results are often noticeable only after 8 weeks.

Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects and Interactions

It is also important to note that side effects with evening primrose oil are rare, with the most common being abdominal discomfort and headaches. Such side effects are often the result of consuming large quantities of evening primrose oil, and a reduced dosage will often relieve symptoms.

Those who suffer from blood disorders or seizures are also advised to avoid taking evening primrose oil supplements, and evening primrose oil may interact with other herbal remedies and drugs; such as anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners.


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